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Γηράσκω αἰεὶ διδασκόμενος, Σόλων
I'm getting older while being taught all the time, Solon


For all who want to learn Greek

With real TEACHERS in live CLASSES

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Our Courses

Available for all students’ levels (beginners, intermediates, advanced)

Group Classes

Available: face-to-face (in Athens), online
(3 students per group)

Taking part in a group class (in Athens) gives you the chance not only to get an immersion language program but also to visit the main historical places in Athens and around Attiki. Online Group class gives you the chance to work with other students and practice all the language skills. As well makes learning interesting and diverting.

Private Classes

Available: online
face-to-face (in Athens/in Turin)

Following the course you can quickly acquire the basics of Greek language and reach up to the advanced level you wish. You'll practice intensive listening, speaking, reading and writing according to your level.

Exams Preparation

Available: online
face-to-face (in Athens/in Turin)

According to International Standard (CERF) for all levels A1-A2-B1-B2-C1-C2

We offer courses focused on the preparation of all different levels of the Modern Greek Certificate and we give you the chance to practice all the languages skills you need for each level.

Speaking Courses

Available: online
face-to-face (in Athens/in Turin)

This 40 minutes course is suitable for students who already have the basics of Greek language and want to improve their speaking level with additional exercises in vocabulary and pronunciation.

  FREE Trial Lesson

Available: online
30 minutes demo lesson

The 30 min trial lesson gives you the chance to meet your teachers, discuss about your ambitions and targets and understand the methodology to follow.

Classes made for YOU

Our online courses are in depth and individualized. Our teachers provide learning techniques that are interactive and fun. Our courses combine one to one instruction and interactive self-study programs.

During our courses we practice pronunciation, speaking, listening, reading, writing, grammar and vocabulary using creative and interactive methodology.

In depth
One to one learning

Why Study Online

  • Study whenever and wherever you like
  • It is interactive and convenient
  • It is personalized and adapted to your pace

Our Teachers

Maria Georgakopoulou

maria I hold a BSc in History and Archeology and a MA in teaching Greek as a foreign language, both from the University of Athens. I have training and, thus, a certification on the MCCC (Moodle Course Creator Certification) and I have a strong experience as Exams Assessor on State Exams for the «Certificate of Attainment in Greek». I am currently teaching Modern Greek as a foreign language online at Avenues, The World School in New York, as well as to foreigners living in Athens, such as Embassies members and their families. I am also a member of Greek language tutors in Verbalplanet and in Verbling teaching online students of all ages all over the world. I have previously taught Greek at the "Arsakeion" Greek Albanian College in Tirana. Additionally, I have never stopped teaching ancient Greek, Latin and Essay to secondary education students who aim the national exam to enter Greek universities. I speak English, Italian and French.

Eleni Tseva

I studied Greek Philology and Linguistics in the University of Athens and I am specialized in teaching Greek as a foreign language. I am trained and certified on the use on Moodle MCCC (Moodle Course Creator Certification) and in Adult learning. Furthermore, I participated in the writing team of the dictionary “Building Words, how modern Greek words are being constructed”. I teach modern Greek as a foreign language from 2012 in Greece, in Italy and online. I collaborated with the University of Aegean in Lesvos island, teaching for the program EILC (Erasmus Intensive Language Courses). Additionally, I teach ancient Greek, Latin, and Greek literature in secondary education students in Greece and in every other student interested in those materials. and in Italy (Associazione Piemonte Grecia, and Università Popolare di Biella). Also, I collaborate with other schools in Greece during summer. I speak English and Italian.

The Greek Online Learning Team

All teaching members are specialized in teaching Greek as a foreign language and experienced in teaching people from diverse cultural and educational background. They are also trained and certified on the use of Moodle MCCC and Adult learning. All of our teachers have both long time experience in teaching face to face during summer intensive programs and in exams preparation.


How it Works

  • Our teaching works synchronous and asynchronous: Skype session provides the synchronous lesson and Moodle platform the asynchronous. Our aim is to introduce the new lesson and practice the oral skills through Skype. For this reason we use particular books and individualized learning material. Moodle works as an optional supporting material providing unlimited practice for reading and listening skills.
  • Each Group language lesson lasts 90 minutes.
  • Online Courses: Skype, zoom or Webex.
  • All lessons are taken with the same teacher.
  • Before the beginning of each course we provide a free Trial Lesson so as to understand the level and the learning needs of each student.
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Fees for private courses

Comparative prices

Regardless of what is your goal we offer lessons for basic, independent and proficient users

  • Basic user
  • 105€/5hours

  • 190€/10hours

  • 350€/20hours

  • 600€/40hours

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  • Independent user
  • 115€/5hours

  • 220€/10hours

  • 400€/20hours

  • 680€/40hours

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  • Proficient user
  • 150€/5hours

  • 280€/10hours

  • 520€/20hours 


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  • Speaking Courses
    All levels
  • 60€/5hours

  • 110€/10hours

  • 180€/20hours 


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A1: Breakthrough or beginner
A2: Way stage or elementary

B1: Threshold or intermediate
B2: Vantage or upper intermediate

C1: Effective operational proficiency or advanced
C2: Mastery or proficiency

Fees for Groups

  • Speaking All levels

  • Only Grammar All levels

  • Basic A1, A2

  • Independent B1, B2

  • Proficient C1, C2

  • 100€

  • 100€

  • 120€

  • 180€

  • 220€

  • • 10 lessons

    • 90 minutes each

    • material provided (to print)

    • 3 students

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